Open Minds

by Teo Milea


Through my music, I met a new, honest world, smiling and with a radiating joy. I stepped into the world I had dreamed of and wished for, the world of open-minded people, the universe where fairy-tales are told through the voice of music. With Open Minds, my piano music enters a new dimension of sensitivity and perception.

Open Minds is my thank you message addressed to all my friends for all the support and trust they have given me these years and also, it is a call to tolerance, joy and friendship.

Music is a cure for the soul!

Teo Milea


released October 1, 2015

Album Cover: Lucian Tidorescu



Teo Milea Toronto, Ontario

Teo Milea is a Toronto-based classical/crossover pianist and composer whose unique musical style speaks to the public in a cinematic way.
Teo Milea was the first solo piano artist to reach the Top 4 at Searchlight 2016 contest on CBC Music Canada and the winner of Popular Vote with his solo piano song ‘Irreversible’.
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